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  • Medium back
  • Head rest
  • Neck rest with adjustment


  • Height adjustable arms
  • Four dimensional arm pads
  • Removable/adjustable lumbar
  • Mesh seat
  • Five mesh back colours
  • Silver powder coat or polished aluminium base


The primary design goal with regard to NEUVO was to create a truly minimalist profile. NEUVO’s basic, coherent and simple lines embody a pared down aesthetic that complements most contemporary, hi-tech working environments, while NEUVO’s 'human physique silhouette' also creates a sense of synergy between chair and user.

Standard features include dynamic synchronised movement with tilt resistance regulator, seat height and depth adjustment, adjustable lumbar, high arch base and field removable arms.

Did you know?

The meaning of the word NEUVO is:

  1. 1. NEU > (German) / Adjective: New, fresh, new-look, newfound.
  2. 2. VO > (French) / Noun: Fashion, vogue, boom, craze, trend.

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